Lost Art Rediscovered

Throughout the history of the world there have been titanic events that shaped the lives of people. Earthquakes have disrupted entire cultures and destroyed their centers of living. The San Francisco area has been the subject of many earthquakes since its founding. The people of this area have continued to rebuild their homes, businesses and lives. Each time the cost has been high and caused suffering for those left behind, but this has not deterred the people who love the area. There are many cities and cultures around the world who feel the same as those of the city of San Francisco.

More people live on the flanks of volcanoes than any other types of land on earth. This is because the soil is very fertile, and most of the communities began as agricultural areas. Volcanoes are dormant, sometimes for centuries. A volcano must be dormant for at least 1,000 years before it is considered extinct. Meanwhile, people continue to live in the area. This describes the situation of the people of Pompeii. It is located on the flanks of Mt. Vesuvius and has a long history of erupting. It obliterated the people who did not flee during the eruption in the year 79. Those who stayed were buried under tons of ash and volcanic debris. The town was permanently closed and the site was not dug up until 1748. Those who uncovered this ancient site were amazed at how well the ash had preserved buildings and items of everyday living.

Pompeii was a resort for the Romans at the time of the eruption. The town was a center for arts and enjoyment. Large villas for nobles and people of wealth were normal in this area. The town catered to these visitors and provided many venues for the display of art and beauty. Pompeii was an important vacation destination for those who worked in ancient Rome. Italian and Greek sculptures and ceramics were one of the many attractions this area provided. Natural beauty and the vista of Naples Bay were also a reason to visit.

Modern homeowners have rediscovered the joys of outdoor living areas. Terraces and patios are often decorated using motifs from ancient cultures such as Pompeii. Modern ceramics and pottery are decorated with glass decals or glass transfers to simulate the art of those faraway places. They are an ancient touch of lost civilizations being enjoyed in the world of today.